Emulates the Android environment on the user's PC

Play Android games or run Android applications directly on your computer. Change the video resolution, auto-rotate the screen and install apps from the Google Play Store.

If you've ever thought of enjoying your favorite Android games and apps on a much bigger screen and with the memory and the processor speed that PCs provide, you should download, install, and try KOPLAYER on your computer. This free Android emulator allows you to install and enjoy on your PC games and apps originally developed for Android smart phones and tablets, but without the limitations imposed by the architecture of those devices.

The program’s built-in Google Play Store allows you to find and download any Android app that’s available via your mobile phone and tablet, but with all the extra advantages of a full keyboard, a large screen, and your computer’s x86 architecture. You can browse for apps and games using KOPLAYER or you can drag and drop onto it any APK file that you’ve downloaded somewhere else, including the program’s web site. You can even open this (and any other) web site without leaving the player thanks to its built-in browser.

KOPLAYER can be configured to be used with a full keyboard, a gamepad, and a mouse, providing a high level of flexibility that will help you make the most of each Android game or app. Additionally, you can record your best games using KOPLAYER, as well as take screenshots of your favorite frames with just one click without the quality, memory, and disk space limitations that we usually have to face when using our mobile phones.

KOPLAYER is an excellent and absolutely free Android emulator with a high level of flexibility and stability that will take your Android games and other apps to the next level. It will allow you to enjoy your favorite Android-based apps on your computer, with all the benefits and advantages that it brings.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to configure your keyboard for better performance
  • Seamless Android integration
  • High stability and compatibility
  • Attractive interface
  • Video recorder to save and share your gameplay
  • One-click screenshots


  • None
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